Jive'll Getya Tenure

Why does Jeremy Kagan have tenure?!

Can the man who directed Big Man On Campus (5.9 of 10!) teach anyone anything important about directing?

Why does Georgia T.  Jeffries, B.A. have tenure?  Cagney and Lacey?!

A diligent search for answers to such troubling questions leads to the following USC page:


Which leads one to this charming work of comedic fiction:


Which contains this remarkable gem:

A candidate for tenure is expected to have produced significant and original scholarly contributions. 

Now it's no surprise that the true scholarly types are often sad and lonely and like to hang out with the happening hollywood types to bask in their reflected glory, but USC's preposterous misuse of tenure is the kind of sell-out that threatens to give prostitution a bad name.

There are ample rewards for professional achievement in the moving picture business; giving tenure out like award-show trinkets to academic pretenders is the institutionalization of idiocy. On the bright side, USC SCA excels at it.