The Dark Knight... Gay!

The Dark Knight (2008) continues in the recent tradition of filmmakers defaming the worthy tv characters who built the franchises. In this one, the jerks responsible piss on the legacies of Albert and the Caped Crusader.

In this epic waste of time and cinematic resources, Batman chooses to save a dude as a damsel in distress gets blown to bits.

That's right. A grown man, formerly expected by society to be capable of taking care of himself, has to be plucked from danger by the mumbling numb-nuts in the title role. A lovely woman, who could use some assistance from someone with more upper-body strength, is stranded and left to die a miserable death.

Not for nothing, but that's pretty gay.  Or, uh... homosaveyoual, perhaps?

And in the context of superheros, there's something very, very wrong with that.