Skyfall: Bond Fails At Fifty

One of the great things about Hollywood is you can get filthy rich making shitty movies.


A lot of people did just that with the production of Skyfall, the eighth-highest grossing movie of all time.


There's a lot of new-fangled yet old-fashioned James Bond style stunts and violence, but the film-makers don't seem to understand that James Bond succeeds at what he sets out to do.


Fer instance, if James Bond brings some old lady off to some remote farm somewhere to save her from the bad guy, the movie isn't supposed to feature the old lady dying in James Bond's arms from her wounds or whatever right before the ending.


Do movie-makers bother to read scripts any more?! Do they understand them?


The guy who directed this drivel also directed the abominable American Beauty. He has clearly integrated that earlier work, and he has obviously mastered the art of filming plastic garbage, floating in the breeze.


And not for nothing, but James Bond doesn't let his newest love interest get shot down in cold blood in front of him and make a casual quip that indicates he feels the woman's life was worthless and meaningless. Except in Skyfall he does.


As depicted in Skyfall, James Bond is failure at 50, and all the grosses in the world can't redeem the empty artists who make this type of soulless tripe.


James Bond used to be a stand-up guy. No more.